HUFF Realty Toy Drive!


For 19 years, HUFF Realty has held a toy drive for Shriners Hospitals for Children. Each year, HUFF Realty agents and employees are able to provide both monetary and toy donations to this great cause.

HUFF Realty encourages members of the community to drop off donations at one of their local offices. Monetary and toy donations are accepted.

The Cincinnati Shriners Hospital is a 30-bed hospital dedicated to the treatment of pediatric burns as well as specializing in plastic and reconstructive conditions such as cleft lip and palate. All care is provided regardless of the families’ ability to pay.

Upon admission, every child receives several toys that provide entertainment and comfort during their treatment.

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Shriners Hospitals for Children is changing lives every day through innovative pediatric specialty care, world-class research and outstanding medical education. Their 22 facilities, located in the United States, Canada and Mexico, provide advanced care for children with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate. Shriners Hospitals for Children is a nonprofit organization and relies on the generosity of donors to continue improving the lives of children.

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5 Great Apps for Real Estate


For real estate professionals, apps have become useful and vital tools in conducting their day-to-day business. With the impact of technology within today’s real estate market, there are a number of apps readily available to agents and they may not even know they exist. As a result, a little research can go a long way for agents who want to boost their efficiency just a bit more.

Here are a few app suggestions to get any ambitious agent started:

1) Charlie App

Agents are often only as good as the information they have to connect with clients and leads, and Charlie will help a lot, according to Realtors Property Resource. It cross-references everyone on an agent’s contact list with online profiles to provide info on their professional and personal interests, which agents can use to forge better connections. This app isn’t free, but it can be an invaluable resource if utilized correctly.

2) Cloze

Much like Charlie solidifies a lot of prep work agents would have to do with relation to their contacts, Cloze does the same with their scheduling. It aggregates information across email, calendar, social media and even Evernote to put together a daily agenda of everything an agent has to do, and even links all the necessary documents to specific calendar items. As with Charlie, this app carries a monthly subscription fee, but can also be a big time-saver.

3) Adobe Premiere Clip

Here’s a free one: Many agents know Adobe for its suite of creative software offerings like Photoshop, but this one can be used to edit videos directly on a phone. That’s ideal for on-the-go agents who are trying to publish regular video ads or updates, but don’t always have the ability to sit down at their desk. Agents can even add background music to their videos, directly within the app.

4) Spotio

When agents are collecting leads, it’s not always easy to keep everything organized, especially if they speak with a lot of people in a single day, according to real estate agent Loida Velasquez. With Spotio, they are able to put contact information, their addresses, certain notes and other crucial information into a simple form, and all the data collected over any period of time can then be exported as a spreadsheet for easier organization and data tracking.

5) Everlance

For agents who have to keep careful track of their mileage when driving, keeping exact records can be a challenge. Not so with Everlance, which not only uses a phone’s GPS to get it right, but also tells agents the precise value of the miles they’ve driven on any single trip, or over time. That can be a huge advantage come tax time, because agents won’t have to crunch nearly as many numbers as they used to.

A little research into the best possible apps for organizing information and getting the word out about their presence in the community will go a long way for agents. That, in turn, will likely help them facilitate a larger number of real estate sales, even at this time of year.

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Pottebaum Point: Exclusive Hillside Community in Dayton, KY


Lot 19

Pottebaum Point, an exclusive hillside community, features single family homes located at the top of O’Fallon and bordered by 10th and Walnut Streets in Dayton, KY . The homes are 2,000 – 2,500 square feet in size, and priced in the mid 500’s to mid 700’s.

Enjoy panoramic views of downtown Cincinnati and the river from every lot!  Less than 3 miles from downtown and right up the hill from the new Manhattan Harbor riverfront development.  All homes are 100% custom by Redknot Homes and feature smart home technology, rooftop decks, and high end finishes.

According to developer Mark Pottebaum, these homes are transitional or modern homes and cater to baby boomers, empty nesters or young professionals. These homes are priced lower than they would be across the Ohio River and have the benefit of being located in a walkable neighborhood.

Visit our Website

All sites with premium views of downtown Cincinnati and the river.


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For more information contact:
Ryan Clendenin, The Clendenin Home Team
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Can AI Help Agents Boost Lead Conversion?


Artificial intelligence has many practical applications for real estate professionals, including the ability to help connect with prospective clients in a number of unexpected ways.

AI chatbots are starting to gain a lot of traction both within and outside the real estate profession, but the technology can sometimes feel impersonal; it’s not that AI of this type can’t be effective, but agents are in the people business as much as real estate, so that personal touch is vital, according to Real Trends.

Get on the phone
AI can help in other ways as well, such as by managing and automatically dialing phone numbers collected by other AI operations or more standard lead collection efforts. This allows agents to spend a little less time on figuring out the best person to call, and a little more time actually talking to clients, both current and prospective.

Adopting soon
As with any other emerging technology, AI is likely to be in widespread use within the real estate sector just a few years from now, according to Towards Data Science. The sooner agents can assess how AI may be able to help them, and then move to adopt those options, the more ahead of the curve they will be.

AI isn’t necessarily the kind of “wow-factor” real estate technology that virtual reality is, but it can certainly help agents in their everyday jobs, even if it’s a little more behind the scenes. Doing so, can help them get more clients into the real estate sales process on an ongoing basis.

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One Year Later: HUFF’s New Western Hills Office Continues to Thrive


One Year Later: HUFF Realty’s New Western Hills Office Continues to Thrive with Focus on Growth, Service

WESTERN HILLS, OH – September 12, 2017 – HUFF Realty, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate and one of the region’s largest real estate companies, is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its new Western Hills office at 5300 Harrison Avenue, and the company’s growth plans to add another 125 agents across Greater Cincinnati within the next five years.

While there’s no denying the long running, good-natured East Side/West Side rivalry in Cincinnati, understanding the attributes of those unique neighborhoods can make all the difference for companies serving the Cincinnati market. And that’s something HUFF Realty’s office in Western Hills intimately knows. For HUFF, it comes down to three focus areas: superior customer service, unrivaled knowledge of the city — specifically the West Side, and a team approach that creates an unparalleled client experience.

“We’ve built a team here in Western Hills that relentlessly pursues excellence and persistently seeks to amaze our customers,” said Darnell Carr, manager of the HUFF Realty Western Hills office, which has grown to 26 agents. “The West Side is such a special place, and we know it inside and out. Inventory is at a 20-year low, and West Siders typically like to stay in this general area, so we enjoy the challenge of helping our customers find exactly what they want.”

Carr started his real estate career with HUFF Realty in 1998 and has earned the Circle of Excellence, OAR President’s Sales Club, and H-Club Leading Producer awards. He’s a lifelong Cincinnatian and lives in Roselawn. He has three sons: Aaron, Dorian and Cory. “To serve this community well, we know we need to be actively involved in it,” added Carr. “Our team members live here, we support a variety of local events, and we’re constantly looking for new ways to get involved and give back. We’re helping people with one of biggest investments of their lives — just to be a part of that and help people is very satisfying.”

“HUFF Realty is flourishing under Darnell’s leadership and our Western Hills team has created a blueprint that reflects our values as a company,” said Brad DeVries, CEO of HUFF Realty. “We have always looked for individuals with integrity, character and sincere desire to go above and beyond for our customers. That’s the team we have in Western Hills, and they’ve created an incredible family-friendly environment built on strong long-term relationships.”

Carr added, “Every HUFF office has folks willing to help — from agents to managers — the support is unrivaled. To be successful, you need the right environment.  And HUFF has it. My clients tell me all the time that I take care of them, and I can do that because HUFF takes care of me.”

ABOUT HUFF REALTY: Based in Fort Mitchell, Ky., with 450 sales agents deployed at 13 offices throughout Greater Cincinnati, HUFF Realty is a one-stop service shop providing products and services for Home Sales, Commercial Real Estate, Mortgages, Insurance, Relocation, Title, Home Warranties, Rentals and Auctions. For more information, visit


How Can Top Agents Boost Their ROI When It Comes to Marketing


For real estate professionals, a solid return on investment from marketing is about more than just getting the most out of every dollar spent. It should also include a good return on the time being spent to prepare all the marketing materials. Fortunately, analytics may be able to help agents determine just how strong their ROI actually is.

The good news for agents is that there are plenty of options for not only getting their marketing materials in front of the people most likely to be enticed by them, but also examining just how effective those efforts have been, according to Inman. Facebook and other social media sites give advertisers like agents a bevy of tools they can use to determine just how effective every dollar they spend truly is, and this is especially true thanks to the ability to target ads to users in specific demographics or geographical areas.

Consider other types of returns
While ROI is often calculated in terms of dollars and cents, in today’s market it can come in other ways as well. For instance, when effective marketing turns into real estate sales, it’s easy to quantify; “I spent this much, and here’s how much I netted from that sale.” However, if that client then turns around and writes a glowing review online, it too can have a massive positive impact on future business, because consumers increasingly rely on customer reviews to make decisions about everything including which agent to work with.

Of course, it’s difficult to quantify just how much marketing activity is directly responsible for a positive review that, in turn, also leads to more business. However, gaining a direct lead from marketing activity can be a good indicator that their marketing efforts are paying off.

Can predictive data help?
Agents may also be able to benefit from using “big data” to cultivate predictive information that can inform more effective marketing, Inman noted, but acquiring big data often requires an additional investment. So the question for many agents becomes, “Is it worth it?” Many of these tools can use publicly available data to determine things like which area residents may be poised to buy or sell within a certain timeframe – which can certainly help to inform more direct marketing decisions that are more likely to pay off.

ROI should be continually evaluated to make sure that marketing efforts are effective and result in opportunities to connect with more clients.

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Can Drones Really Help with Real Estate Marketing


Drones are certainly gaining in popularity these days, but how effective are they in marketing listings? This is a question real estate professionals should weigh carefully as competitors make strides to adopt this unique and relatively new technology. This type of investment can be effective in certain situations, but it may not be for every agent.

Certainly, the use of drones on large, attractive properties can be a crowd-pleaser, providing sweeping shots of gorgeous backyards and tree-lined neighborhoods, according to Chicago Agent Magazine. However, not every property has attractive features for agents to highlight, therefore it’s wise for agents to focus on their listing demographic as this may be a better investment for affluent f suburban neighborhoods than those in, say, more urban areas.

Other applications
Thanks to even more cutting-edge technology, drones can also be used to create 3D scans of houses in conjunction with virtual reality equipment generating a different kind of “wow” factor for client presentations. This method allows agents to make a great impression as it presents clients with the ability to save time by going through multiple “virtual” open houses, getting a real feel for what a home is like without actually visiting.

“What I tell my clients, nowadays, [agents] fight for visibility,” broker Fabio Brancati told the publication. “You have to think outside the box because … if you perform very well with your clients, your clients will refer you to five, six, seven people. In terms of giving a selection and buyers watching for homes they love, this is a tremendous change. Now, more buyers have the ability to select the homes they love and our job is to be the advisor.”

Thinking outside the box
Another way in which agents can use drones is to not only highlight the nicer features of a property, but also the entire neighborhood using the more appealing and attractive areas of a town, according to marketing expert Wade Harman. The same shots of gorgeous properties can also be applied to local parks and scenic routes as well, which may ultimately go a long way towards giving would-be buyers a view on a larger scale giving a given property that much more appeal and value.

When getting this type of video, however, it’s important for agents to make sure they’re following all local, state and even federal regulations for operating drones on public or private land. This minor research will allow agents to avoid legal entanglements that could otherwise occur.

The other issue to consider here is return on investment, but the good news is that drone technology is becoming increasingly affordable and with this in mind, it may be wise for agents to investigate all available options to see which – if any – will work best for them.

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