Social Media Ad Marketing in Winter


Agents may take the slower winter months to ramp up their social media marketing and planning, but that work should include trying to determine what has been most effective in the past and what hasn’t. Certainly, the extra time many real estate professionals have in December, January and even February gives them flexibility to not only maintain and construct creative eye-catching social posts, but also brush up on some emerging industry-recommended best practices.

There’s no real trick to making social media posts stand out in winter versus spring, summer or fall: The same principles that apply then are still in play now, according to Inman. That fact means mixing attractive photos with vibrant descriptions of available listings and adding in some local expertise whenever possible. However, that’s also the sort of thing that most agents do at this point, so a little more might have to be done to truly make a listing stand out.

A smarter path
Instead of trying to appeal broadly to a wide variety of would-be buyers with a listing, it might be wiser to home in on specific demographics, and fortunately most social media platforms allow for that laser-focus. For instance, Facebook ads may allow you to target users by age, location and a number of other different specifications, and that functionality can increase the likelihood that an ad resonates with an intended target.

Indeed, by focusing on particular groups of Facebook users (or those on other platforms), the actual content of the ad itself can be tailored more specifically to those groups so that there’s an even greater chance of success. The difference between these ads and more general ones could be likened to fishing with a spear versus simply dropping a baited hook in the water and hoping for the best.

Getting this specific also allows agents to highlight other parts of a home that may be particularly attractive to the demographics they’re targeting. Along those lines, it’s wise to include not just one picture in an ad, but at least a few, to show off more features per ad; that approach provides a little extra bang for the advertising buck.

A strategy for success
There are likely millions of pages online explaining the best ways to draw eyes with social media ads, but agents likely know from experience that people have largely trained themselves to gloss over any ad they come across online, according to RESAAS. As such, it might be wise at this time to look inward and examine past social advertising efforts. Which ads have worked well? Which haven’t? What do the big performers have in common, and what sets them apart from those that fell short of expectations? That kind of knowledge can shape future advertising efforts, as well as those that are still underway in winter.

Generally speaking, agents can boost their engagement with past and future clients through social media to a significant extent, but the key to ensuring an ongoing online relationship is providing people with what they want or need. Also, regularly revisiting that question can go a long way.

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