5 Great Apps for Real Estate


For real estate professionals, apps have become useful and vital tools in conducting their day-to-day business. With the impact of technology within today’s real estate market, there are a number of apps readily available to agents and they may not even know they exist. As a result, a little research can go a long way for agents who want to boost their efficiency just a bit more.

Here are a few app suggestions to get any ambitious agent started:

1) Charlie App

Agents are often only as good as the information they have to connect with clients and leads, and Charlie will help a lot, according to Realtors Property Resource. It cross-references everyone on an agent’s contact list with online profiles to provide info on their professional and personal interests, which agents can use to forge better connections. This app isn’t free, but it can be an invaluable resource if utilized correctly.

2) Cloze

Much like Charlie solidifies a lot of prep work agents would have to do with relation to their contacts, Cloze does the same with their scheduling. It aggregates information across email, calendar, social media and even Evernote to put together a daily agenda of everything an agent has to do, and even links all the necessary documents to specific calendar items. As with Charlie, this app carries a monthly subscription fee, but can also be a big time-saver.

3) Adobe Premiere Clip

Here’s a free one: Many agents know Adobe for its suite of creative software offerings like Photoshop, but this one can be used to edit videos directly on a phone. That’s ideal for on-the-go agents who are trying to publish regular video ads or updates, but don’t always have the ability to sit down at their desk. Agents can even add background music to their videos, directly within the app.

4) Spotio

When agents are collecting leads, it’s not always easy to keep everything organized, especially if they speak with a lot of people in a single day, according to real estate agent Loida Velasquez. With Spotio, they are able to put contact information, their addresses, certain notes and other crucial information into a simple form, and all the data collected over any period of time can then be exported as a spreadsheet for easier organization and data tracking.

5) Everlance

For agents who have to keep careful track of their mileage when driving, keeping exact records can be a challenge. Not so with Everlance, which not only uses a phone’s GPS to get it right, but also tells agents the precise value of the miles they’ve driven on any single trip, or over time. That can be a huge advantage come tax time, because agents won’t have to crunch nearly as many numbers as they used to.

A little research into the best possible apps for organizing information and getting the word out about their presence in the community will go a long way for agents. That, in turn, will likely help them facilitate a larger number of real estate sales, even at this time of year.

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