Pottebaum Point: Exclusive Hillside Community in Dayton, KY


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Pottebaum Point, an exclusive hillside community, features single family homes located at the top of O’Fallon and bordered by 10th and Walnut Streets in Dayton, KY . The homes are 2,000 – 2,500 square feet in size, and priced in the mid 500’s to mid 700’s.

Enjoy panoramic views of downtown Cincinnati and the river from every lot!  Less than 3 miles from downtown and right up the hill from the new Manhattan Harbor riverfront development.  All homes are 100% custom by Redknot Homes and feature smart home technology, rooftop decks, and high end finishes.

According to developer Mark Pottebaum, these homes are transitional or modern homes and cater to baby boomers, empty nesters or young professionals. These homes are priced lower than they would be across the Ohio River and have the benefit of being located in a walkable neighborhood.

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Can AI Help Agents Boost Lead Conversion?


Artificial intelligence has many practical applications for real estate professionals, including the ability to help connect with prospective clients in a number of unexpected ways.

AI chatbots are starting to gain a lot of traction both within and outside the real estate profession, but the technology can sometimes feel impersonal; it’s not that AI of this type can’t be effective, but agents are in the people business as much as real estate, so that personal touch is vital, according to Real Trends.

Get on the phone
AI can help in other ways as well, such as by managing and automatically dialing phone numbers collected by other AI operations or more standard lead collection efforts. This allows agents to spend a little less time on figuring out the best person to call, and a little more time actually talking to clients, both current and prospective.

Adopting soon
As with any other emerging technology, AI is likely to be in widespread use within the real estate sector just a few years from now, according to Towards Data Science. The sooner agents can assess how AI may be able to help them, and then move to adopt those options, the more ahead of the curve they will be.

AI isn’t necessarily the kind of “wow-factor” real estate technology that virtual reality is, but it can certainly help agents in their everyday jobs, even if it’s a little more behind the scenes. Doing so, can help them get more clients into the real estate sales process on an ongoing basis.

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