How Can Agents Can Improve Their Personal Brands?


The benefit of a great personal brand is that when a potential client thinks of an agent, a number of great qualities instantly come to mind. Many real estate professionals often wonder how they can maximize their chances for a strong, positive standing in their local markets. Fortunately, there are a number of methods that can help any agent stand out.

Any agent knows that adding a bit of a personal touch can go a long way with current or prospective clients, but what some may not always think of is that the world of social media truly allows for more flexibility here, according to Brand 24. When agents get “Likes” or add clients as friends on various platforms, they instantly gain access to knowledge about those people that can really help them connect on more than a professional level. Having the same alma mater or hobbies to discuss throughout the real estate sales process can help people feel just a little better about the working relationship.

What else can you do online?
In addition, it’s wise to regularly check Facebook, Yelp and other sites where users can leave reviews, because even if one or two may be negative, it’s always good to get some constructive criticism and perhaps be a little proactive about addressing whatever concerns people may raise on these platforms. The more responsive agents are to comments, regardless of whether the person is satisfied, the better they’re likely to look.

It might also be wise for agents to make sure their branding across all platforms – website, Twitter, Facebook, etc. – is uniform and consistent, and that contact information is easy to find. That way, when clients seek out certain information they may need, they know they won’t have to look too hard, or wait too long for a response.

What about a re-brand?
Agents may decide they want to change the look of their websites, get a little more active online, or simply mix things up for a new buying or selling season. With this in mind, it’s sometimes important to start fresh, just like an agent would if they were first starting out. When doing so agents may want to begin by considering what their goals are for this new campaign, and in their business as a whole, according to Real Estate Express.

Identifying what qualities an agent may have that helps them stand out from the crowd, and what could potentially use a bit of a tweak, is a good jumping-off point. Then it’s important to consider what more can be done to really make those qualities stand out, if it’s not already being done.

Seasoned agents can get more creative with these ideas, since they know the ins and outs of the business so well, and use that new motivation to really make an impact – both for the present and the long term – as the shopping season goes on.

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