Tips to Choose a New Neighborhood

Aerial Looking straight down Suburban IntersectionIf you are buying a new home, the neighborhood you choose can be just as important as the choice of home.  There are a variety of types of neighborhoods for which you can purchase your new home.  The key to finding the right one for you is to consider your lifestyle and needs.  The following tips will help you in choosing a neighborhood that is best suited for you.

Step 1:  Asses Your Needs

What is it you and your family want out of a neighborhood.  Are you looking for a quite suburban street filled with families for your kids to play with? Or would you prefer a downtown, urban vibe?  Start with making a list of must-haves and won’t haves, which are non-negotiable, and some nice-to-haves where you can compromise.  Creating these lists before you start searching for homes will help in the elimination process.

Step 2:  Think about Budgets

You may have found the perfect neighborhood for you, but can you afford the properties in it? Also, take a look at the additional expenses living in the neighborhood may bring.  Will the drive to work or places you go often add additional gas expenses?  Online mortgage calculators can help you determine what priced home you can afford.

Step 3:  Think Ahead

Think ahead to any lifestyle changes that may be heading your way.  Perhaps you’re planning to start a family in the next few years, or your kids might be ready to move out.  Consider if the neighborhood would have enough amenities to entertain a teenager or if the town’s nightlife will make it too noisy when you have young children.

Step 4: Do Your Research

It’s always a good idea to pay attention to the little details.  Visit your prospective neighborhood at different times of the day to get an all-around perspective.  You may discover rush hour traffic is terrible or that you hear trains passing early in the morning.  If you see For Sale signs in the same area, find out why.  This could be a warning sign.  Try to talk to neighbors and get their thoughts on the neighborhood.

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make.  A HUFF agent can help you prioritize and make you aware of options you might not have considered.



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