Reasons a Home Sells

sellerguidefbadThere are a variety of reasons a home will sell.  Some are out of your control, but others can be changed or modified so that your home can be sold for the best price.

Reasons Beyond Your Control


Some neighborhoods are more desirable than others.  The better the location, the more money buyers are willing to pay.  For a house to sell in any location, its listing price should reflect its location and the value of home surrounding it.


The economy, interest rates, and other important factors impact the condition of the real estate market.


High buyer demand and low housing supply makes it easier for the homes that are on the market to sell.  When buyers have more to choose from, sellers have more to compete with.

Reasons Within Your Control


To effectively sell your property fast for the most money, the listing price has to be just right.  If your home is not selling or getting a lot of traffic, it could be a sign it’s priced too high.


Attracting buyers sometimes has more to do with the condition and price of your home.  Many sellers offer incentives such as closing costs or a home warranty to help compete in the market place.


The better condition your property is in, the easier it is to sell.  Making repairs and staging your home will make for a more impressive presentation to buyers.


The more buyer traffic a home gets, the more likely it is to sell.  Sellers need to make sure their home is available to show to buyers, sometimes even with very short notice.

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