5 Home Staging Tips for Wintertime

House with snow and wreath

While winter isn’t always considered the best time to sell your home there are many reasons it’s a great time!  Whether you live in an area with consistent snowfall all winter or in an area where unexpected weather could leave you snowed in it’s best to have a plan of action for showings in inclement weather.  If you currently have your home on the market here are a few tips to increase your appeal to potential buyers during the winter months.

1.Clear the Walkways

All areas of the yard should be accessible for buyers.  That means, not only do you need to a clear path to the front door but also to any outdoor areas the potential buyer may want to view.  This means sheds, patios, garages, and recreational areas.

2. Let There Be Light

Winter months can be dreary and dark but you don’t want your home to be!  Put your home in its best light by opening shades and draperies, as well as turning on all lights.

3.  Keep it Toasty

Keep your home warm and toasty by starting a fire in the fireplace (if it’s in good condition), or setting your thermostat a degree or two higher than usual.

4. Embrace the Holidays

While it’s customary to pack away personal belongings when staging a home to create a clean canvas for buyers the holiday season can be an exception.  Tasteful holiday decor can help create the warm, family feel you’re trying to achieve.  Lush wreaths, a tree with inviting white lights, and candles in the windows can invoke an emotional appeal.

5. Don’t Ignore the Outdoors

Your landscaping won’t look as good as it does in the spring, pots of evergreens can help add some color to your walkways and yard. Always make sure your gutters are cleaned and shrubs are trimmed, too.

If you have questions about the home selling process, contact your local HUFF real estate professional today!

Source:  www.rismedia.com



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