Minor Renovations to Recommend Ahead of a Sale


It’s important to let clients know when they’ve done enough home improvements for a sale, otherwise hopeful sellers might not know when to stop taking up minor home repairs.

The importance of an agent’s expertise here may be especially true when it comes to some of the bigger changes owners might think of making, according to Chase. While it’s almost always a good idea for owners to make sure they’ve fixed up some of the minor aspects of their home that can get a little worn out by years of use, agents would generally be wise to caution against major overhauls. Renovating bedrooms and stairways may sound nice, but the return on investment sellers will generally get might not always be there, especially if they choose to do the work themselves.

“Do as little as you can do for the most impact,” Peter Fressola, a real estate agent based in New Jersey, told Chase.

Some simple fixes
Often, a fresh coat of paint and a little sweat equity can make every renovation dollar stretch farther than homeowners might expect. For instance, repainting walls to muted, neutral colors might make them seem more attractive to a wider variety of buyers. This fact is also true of tearing up old, worn carpets and replacing them with hardwood floors, which agents know buyers love to see. The investment here is often minimal but can really help boost a sales price in short order, so advising clients to take them on is often a good idea.

Agents might also want to let owners know when their yards could use a bit of work. Spending some time brightening up a front yard with some flowering plants or making sure a lawn doesn’t have any dead patches can go a long way. After all, a front yard is a visitor’s first introduction to a home, so making it as bright and welcoming as possible is a great idea.

Often, these are things that agents might take for granted. But just because they know the basics here doesn’t mean owners do as well. Imparting a little bit of the expertise that comes from years in the business can send owners in the right direction.

Other minor improvements that pay off
Further fixes for homeowners to at least investigate in this regard include baseboards and molding, according to the Newnan Times-Herald. While these features might not initially stand out as something potential buyers will want to inspect, agents typically know full well many shoppers search a home up and down for any opportunity to negotiate. With this idea in mind, advising sellers that they might need to do a little more to make sure their properties are up to snuff will go a long way.

When facilitating real estate sales, one of an agent’s most important roles is that of an adviser. Many homeowners who choose to become sellers may not have a lot of experience in dealing with these issues, so an agent’s say-so will likely go a long way toward helping them make the best possible decisions throughout the process.

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