Open House: with the best of traditional and digital marketing


The way people like to shop for homes, has changed a lot in the past few years. Today’s buyers prefer things their counterparts even five years ago did not, and therefore it’s important to be mindful of changing methods and trends. While the general idea for a lot of open house preparation remains the same as it ever was, a number of aspects may need to shift just a little bit to accommodate current buyers’ preferences.

Today, the most successful real estate agents are able to combine old-fashioned industry know-how with cutting-edge ideas about how to attract interest, according to Bankrate. The tried-and-true methods for distributing information about an open house or a property itself can still apply, but it’s equally important to make sure to put everything online. Finding the right balance between traditional and online advertising options, depending upon the local market and its demographics, is vital. However, abandoning some traditional aspects can be a misstep as well.

What does that mean?
The vast majority of home searches start online, so agents should do the same, prioritizing a good website listing and social media presence over print ads.

However, old-school directional signs, with arrows guiding prospects to the open house, are still a smart move.

Traditionally, open houses take place on Sundays between one and four in the afternoon. Some experts are now suggesting weeknight evening ‘happy hour showings’ or Saturday showings. Even minor tweaks, such as changing the timing by moving back even an hour or two from standard open house times can open the door to a larger group of prospective buyers.

Making a website shine
Traditionally many buyers take photos around an open house. Investing in professional photography can go a long way to getting a property sold.  The photos not only entice prospects, but also help remind interested buyers about the features of the home after the initial showing. Consequently, it might be smart for agents do the same beforehand and put them on a website with an easy-to-remember URL, according to Fit Small Business. That way, when would-be buyers hit multiple open houses in one day, they’re not looking back a few days later and asking themselves, “Oh, I love this living room, but which house was it in?”

By giving shoppers the ability to look at a house again with a website that’s easy-to-find and navigate, agents can facilitate real estate sales for their clients without drastically changing the way they’ve done things for years. Often, all it takes is a little extra effort online to go from a good open house to a great one.

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