NanoWrimo and Novel Writing by guest writer and agent: Daniel Townsend



2 Reasons You Should Consider Writing a Book

It may seem daunting or a time consuming task, but there is no better time to write a book than right now. With the advent of self-publishing the ways of getting your message or story across is almost unlimited. If you’ve got a book idea that has not made the leap from your brain to the paper, consider these 2 reasons right now is the best time to write a book.

1.  It positions you as an authority

Nothing says credibility like writing a book. It’s the biggest business card there is. Whether you have a powerhouse publisher or are just sending out feelers, writing a book shows clients that what you have to offer is not only credible but important. You have mastery over your craft and that goes a long way.

2.  It sets you apart from the competition

If you’re trying to set yourself apart from others in your field, writing a book is the perfect way to do that. There may be thousands of people doing the same thing you do, but how many people can point clients to their book as a reference? If standing out is important for your business, then publishing is key.

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Daniel Townsend



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