A guide on how to makeup your monster this Halloween! (Guest Writer and Agent: Daniel Townsend)


Before you let your little fairies and ghouls hit the streets this Halloween there’s one very important element you want to have just right. The makeup. You can’t show your zombie face without the right foundation and color. There are two key techniques that you need to know to successfully transform your sweet-little-daughter into the Bride of Frankenstein.


It’s more than what a lady wears above her eyes; it’s contour and dimension. Whatever you want to push back or recede into space, that’s where the shadow color goes. We’re talking sunken cheeks, hollow eyes, and deep wrinkles. Try using browns or grays. Black is usually too dark.


You can’t have the dark without the light. The same is true with makeup. If you put a dark shadow color in the sunken cheeks then a highlight color on the cheek bone should accompany it. This creates the visual valleys and peaks in a makeup with the foundation color as the middle ground. Use a lighter color than your foundation base to make those peaks pop.

Finally remember to blend. Your finger is the best blending tool. No one wants harsh lines on their face. Unless you’re dressing up as a football player.
Daniel C Townsend had a career as a theatrical wigmaker and makeup artist before joining the Montgomery, OH office as a real estate agent. He also enjoys writing and will be releasing his first book in November. You can find detail about the book at http://danielctownsend.com


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