DIY Outdoor Projects



Home owners can easily feel guilty when we look at our lawn. It’s incredibly simple to ignore our property and wait another day on the garden. Since I started owning a home I do it quite often. I think to myself, I don’t need to mow the lawn yet-it’s not that bad. Or I bargain that the morning dew can water the plants just fine. 

It’s okay to relax and forget about the outside of your house from time to time. However, what is the first thing that a buyer or seller will see upon entering your property? The outside. It’s so important to maintain the outside of your house as often as you can because you want your house to have curb appeal. 

What is curb appeal? You might ask. Curb appeal is the, “visual attractiveness of a house as seen from the street”, according to It’s what the buyer sees and the seller doesn’t always think about. It’s very similar to judging a book by its cover. Most people in the world will look at the outside of a house first and judge it before even looking at the inside of the house. 


Need some help on DIY outside projects? Here’s a guide to want buyers want in a front/backyard. 

A survey of more than 1,200 home owners by the Home Project Council identified the following DIY outdoor projects as most desirable:

 1. Plant a garden

2. Use decorative pebbles, stones or rocks for landscaping

3. Build a deck

4. Create a fire pit or barbecue pit

5. Build a patio or walkway using concrete pavers or bricks

6. Install or build a shed or storage building

7. Stain or paint siding or windows

8. Build a privacy fence

9. Stain or paint exterior concrete surfaces (patio, pool deck, driveway, sidewalk, etc.)

10. Repair or seal concrete cracks in patios, steps, or driveways

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