Mother’s Day Is Right Around the Corner


When Mother’s Day comes around I admit, I panic. Mainly because I never know what to get my mom, nothing seems special enough. Now that my sister is a mom, I have to wonder what to purchase for her as well. It’s difficult for me to find something that isn’t sappy, but still shows how much I care about both of them. I have to admit, the tri-state area provided some much needed suggestions for my troubles.

I of course want to give my mom and my sister an amazing brunch. I know exactly where to go, Mokka and the Sunset Bar and Grill. They have the best french toast I’ve ever had. Not to mention they serve all kinds of drinks, from mimosas to strong coffee. This is only one of my favorite places for brunch, but there’s places all around town that have great deals to pamper the women in your life.

I also encourage everyone to stop by our amazing Cincinnati Zoo. On Mother’s Day, all mom are welcome to enter the zoo for free! Going to the zoo is something I love to do anyway with my family, but it’s great that I don’t have to purchase a ticket for her and can concentrate on another present for her instead.

Below are some suggestions to make your Mother’s Day a little more special. Visit our Pinterest board if you want to make dinner/desserts instead or need a cool craft.

This is Julie Hammond, and this is my story.

Boi Na Braza

Your Mother’s Day Itinerary

Buca di Beppo

Jane’s Saddle Bag

BB RiverBoats Mother’s Day Cruise

Cincinnati Zoo


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