Just Peachy

When I first saw my future home I fell in like immediately. I didn’t fall in love right away because everything was peach. I’m not exaggerating. The whole house was painted a Georgia peach color. I knew that this house had an old soul when I opened a closet door and found shag carpeting (Vintage!). Oddly enough, I fell in love with the bathroom. Granted the vanity needed updating, along with the floor, but the peach and black and white checkered tiled walls drew me in.  I really couldn’t tell you why, but it had me hooked. I could see that I needed to look past the shag carpeting and the peach and look at it as a whole. My house had character, and that’s what I wanted in a house.

Paint can be cheap if you’re not picky. Since it was my first home I thought that I would enjoy picking out every paint chip, every curtain….. Wrong. At first my roommate and I enjoyed figuring out each detail. We were in the paint aisle for a good hour before we came to unanimous decisions. The peach needed to go! We hurried home and began to paint with the help of my family. The colors we picked were completely wrong. We began to paint the living room and immediately noticed the blue we purchased was more of a sky blue color, once painted. The color was nice in theory, but looked a lot like a preschool wall color, not a living room. The purple for the kitchen didn’t go at all, and after buying paint for the cabinets we realized the work we were in for was much more than expected. I picked out a fluorescent robin egg blue for my bedroom. When you turned out the lights, it almost glowed. Obviously that wasn’t right either. We drug our paint cans back to the store and did the thing we should have done in the first place, asked for help.

The people who work with paint know what they’re talking about. The talked to us about our theme for the house and what our preferences were and tinted our paint to the colors we wanted (Since we had already purchased the paint that was close to the colors we wanted). The kitchen was our only problem. The purple was the only one that gave us trouble. Each shade of purple seemed wrong. Luckily, when we looked at the paint clearance.  We found a color that fit our house theme perfectly.

If you follow a pattern, it’s much easier to chose what paint works best for which wall. By the end of our painting experience, my roommate and I were frustrated and apathetic about painting, don’t let it happen to you. Also, painting can make or break a seller’s choice. Sure, we know we can change the color, but at the same time, I had a hard time visualizing my current house as my house. If the previous seller would have painted the rooms a more neutral color, I think it would have been easier for me to visualize what I wanted in the first place.

Make choosing a paint theme easy by visiting our Pinterest home tip board!

Thanks  Pinterest!

I’m Julie Hammond, and this is my story.


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