Don’t Worry Be Happy!


I came across an interesting news article today in the Baltimore Business Journal. The article discusses about real estate agents being ranked No. 1 on CareerBliss’ 2013 list of the 10 happiest professions in America. “The list, released last week, was based on a survey of more than 65,000 professionals nationwide last year, who rated their job happiness based on factors such as company culture, compensation, daily tasks, growth opportunities, and relationships with bosses and coworkers.” Says Baltimore Business Journal’s, Kristena Hansen.

Being a real estate agent can be a rather rewarding experience. Your selling a home to someone, a place where they’re going to spend their lives in and possibly start a family in. I imagine that the process is similar to wedding planning. Owning a house is a milestone in someone’s life, and you’re helping them achieve that goal. This is Julie Hammond, and this is my story.

Thanks to Baltimore Business Journal’s, Kristena Hansen!

Great American in the Queen City


I have lived in the Northern Kentucky area all of my life. For me, Cincinnati was a mystery until I started driving. Despite being only being a few miles away, most Northern Kentuckians are fearful of “crossing the bridge”. Why? I think it’s because we assume that since it’s downtown, it’s dangerous. While not entirely true or untrue, the issue is still there. I often think of the movie “Adventures in Babysitting”, when the suburban kids travel to the city for the first time. The adventure of going from suburban to city life is both exciting and a little scary. I don’t know if that’s how it is for everyone, but that’s how I used to feel.

Over the last decade or so, Cincinnati and its buildings have changed. Instead of seeing the beautiful, but rather static  skyline, buildings have been popping up over the past few years. While there are many I could name, I will only name one. The Great American Tower in Queen City Square is a new fixture to the Cincinnati skyline. Initially there was a debate about the tower, but building started in 2008 and the tower was accessible in 2011. Gyo Obata, the building designer had the inspiration for the top tier of the office building after looking at a picture of Princess Diana’s tiara. Since Cincinnati is nicknamed the “Queen City”, he thought it would be the perfect fit.

The photo above is a comparison of Cincinnati from the 1950’s (Thank you to Cincinnati Museum Center’s Facebook picture) to present day. The skyline has changed so much! I like the idea of Cincinnati becoming as populated or as dazzling as other big cities. I’m excited that Cincinnati has opened up, and continues to grow. This is Julie Hammond, and this is my story.

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Just Peachy

When I first saw my future home I fell in like immediately. I didn’t fall in love right away because everything was peach. I’m not exaggerating. The whole house was painted a Georgia peach color. I knew that this house had an old soul when I opened a closet door and found shag carpeting (Vintage!). Oddly enough, I fell in love with the bathroom. Granted the vanity needed updating, along with the floor, but the peach and black and white checkered tiled walls drew me in.  I really couldn’t tell you why, but it had me hooked. I could see that I needed to look past the shag carpeting and the peach and look at it as a whole. My house had character, and that’s what I wanted in a house.

Paint can be cheap if you’re not picky. Since it was my first home I thought that I would enjoy picking out every paint chip, every curtain….. Wrong. At first my roommate and I enjoyed figuring out each detail. We were in the paint aisle for a good hour before we came to unanimous decisions. The peach needed to go! We hurried home and began to paint with the help of my family. The colors we picked were completely wrong. We began to paint the living room and immediately noticed the blue we purchased was more of a sky blue color, once painted. The color was nice in theory, but looked a lot like a preschool wall color, not a living room. The purple for the kitchen didn’t go at all, and after buying paint for the cabinets we realized the work we were in for was much more than expected. I picked out a fluorescent robin egg blue for my bedroom. When you turned out the lights, it almost glowed. Obviously that wasn’t right either. We drug our paint cans back to the store and did the thing we should have done in the first place, asked for help.

The people who work with paint know what they’re talking about. The talked to us about our theme for the house and what our preferences were and tinted our paint to the colors we wanted (Since we had already purchased the paint that was close to the colors we wanted). The kitchen was our only problem. The purple was the only one that gave us trouble. Each shade of purple seemed wrong. Luckily, when we looked at the paint clearance.  We found a color that fit our house theme perfectly.

If you follow a pattern, it’s much easier to chose what paint works best for which wall. By the end of our painting experience, my roommate and I were frustrated and apathetic about painting, don’t let it happen to you. Also, painting can make or break a seller’s choice. Sure, we know we can change the color, but at the same time, I had a hard time visualizing my current house as my house. If the previous seller would have painted the rooms a more neutral color, I think it would have been easier for me to visualize what I wanted in the first place.

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I’m Julie Hammond, and this is my story.

Spring is Here?


Opening day for the Cincinnati Reds is practically a national holiday for Cincinnatians and Northern Kentuckians. It’s something we look forward to every year. Why? Opening day brings a sense of hope to the tri-state area. It’s a new season and it brings joy to all baseball fans. It’s that time of year when we realize that summer is right around the corner. There’s no more need for coats or mittens… Well, it’s almost time to disregard our winter clothing, we’re not quite there yet.

Opening day provides me with a sense of unity to my hometown. There are so many events in the area that fully center around our community being excited about a game. While I do join in on the festivities, I’m also reminded that it’s time for a spring cleaning. As a new homeowner, I didn’t worry about spring cleaning. I never thought I would need to know how to stain a deck, remove tree stumps or kill my grass in time summer. I didn’t know where to start. I of course, turned to the internet for answers.

Compiling a list of what I needed to do and what I wanted to do for my house’s spring makeover, put my mind at ease. Creating a list made it easier for me to find out what I needed help on and what I could learn how to do on my own. One of the best feelings about being a homeowner is realizing you can do something on your own without asking for help.

I’m Julie Hammond, and this is my story.

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