First Time Home Owner


When I received my first full time job I finally had the chance to afford moving out on my own. I immediately started to look through apartment listings. At first it was fun because I was choosing a new place to start my life, but it soon became frustrating. Every time I thought I had a great apartment to look at, the rent plus the utility costs were outrageous. Most of the apartments I could afford were on the first floor of the complex or were in a bad part of town. The apartments that I did like, and felt comfortable living in, were costly. It also stressed me out to think that the landlord could easily raise my rent at anytime. The thing that concerned me the most about renting was that my money wouldn’t go towards a final goal. When I paid rent, I wouldn’t be closer to owning something, whereas the landlord would.

I went to my parents for advice. My father immediately suggested that I buy a home. I knew that my parents knew the responsibilities of owning a home, but they could count on each other for paying the bills while I was single and looking to move out for the first time. My father talked to me about mortgage and utilities costs. The prices weren’t as expensive as I thought they would be. I made a point to say that I wasn’t sure if I could even be approved for a loan or for a decent house, but that’s when I asked a Realtor at HUFF.

My Realtor was great about discussing the concerns I had. He only showed me houses that were in my price range, and in the locations I wanted. He noticed my needs and what I wanted without me having to go into great detail. We did look at the houses I picked out, but he also made suggestions and took me to see houses he thought I would enjoy. In the end I bought a house that he had personally chose for me.

When I became a first time homeowner, I was scared. I worried about the cost and the responsibility of owning a house. Owning a home is a big commitment of both time and money, but I wanted to be independent and move out of my parent’s house. Having a home wasn’t my first choice, because I never thought I could own a house in my early twenties, but I do. Working with a Realtor and talking about what the right decision for me was, made it all possible.

I’m Julie Hammond, and this is my story.